Nov 5, 2014

I Wrote A Book!

After working through a mountain of yarn, bits of felt, and stuffing, I'm proud to announce that I've completed my first crochet book! Actually, it was completed earlier this year, but it didn't feel official to me until all the editing was done, a title was picked, and the final cover finished. And I guess now it's super official because the book is available for pre-order online! Hooray!!


Happy-Gurumi is filled with a fun mix of projects, ranging from goofy animals, to smiling daisies, to a happy birthday cake. For those that have never crocheted before, there are basic crochet instructions included with lots of step by step photos. There's also more advanced patterns for those looking for a challenge!

I had so much fun creating all the patterns for the book, especially making all the puppet style mouths, and figuring out how to turn my drawings into actual projects. I have a whole drawer stuffed with various animal parts and test samples from each pattern, it's amazing that the book came out of that mess of crochet!

The release date is set for next year, March 10th, 2015. You can pre-order it now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble at a discounted price, so check it out!

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