Sep 4, 2014

American Made Awards

gold cat

So I entered this year's Martha Stewart American Made Awards, whoooo! It's a contest that highlights small businesses and local, handmade products here in the U.S. Besides a lot of great exposure, there's a chance to win some prize money and tickets to the American Made summit. The summit will be a big networking event with Martha Stewart and her team, featuring talks by industry experts and a chance to meet with other creative entrepreneurs.

gold cat kit

As the Pudgy Rabbit is in its baby stage, I thought that this contest would be a great opportunity to help move the shop forward, hopefully getting my crochet kits into some brick and mortar stores and branching out into other crafts such as sewing and needle felting!

To check out my profile and share my nomination, you can click here or click the American Made badge on the upper right of this site. The more shares I receive over Facebook and Twitter, the better my chances are of winning a wild-card finalist spot for grand prize consideration.

Thank you and here's to getting The Pudgy Rabbit out there! =)


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