Mar 12, 2013

Crochet Easter Eggs


The weather is really starting to warm up and spring is almost here! Now I love me some play food and since Easter is right around the corner, I'm sharing this pattern for cute little crochet eggs. Done up in soft pastel yarn, these eggs make a sweet alternative to candy for an Easter basket!



- worsted weight yarn in pastel colors, I used sugar and cream yarn in rose pink, yellow, soft violet, robins egg blue, and light blue
- size F/ 3.75 mm crochet hook
- safety pin or stitch marker to mark the start of each row
- 4.5 mm plastic safety eyes
- pink felt
- stuffing
- black and pink embroidery floss and needle

-in American crochet terms-
st = stitch
ch = chain
sc = single crochet
inc = single crochet increase
dec = single crochet decrease
rnd = round
* * = set of stitches to be repeated
( ) = total number of stitches in a round

Little Eggs

rnd 1: ch 2, sc 6 in 2nd ch from the hook (6 st)
rnd 2: sc 2 in each st (12 st)
rnd 3: sc in each st (12 st)
rnd 4: *sc 2, inc 1* repeat 4 times (16 st)
rnd 5: *sc 3, inc 1* repeat 4 times (20 st)
rnd 6: *sc 4, inc 1* repeat 4 times (24 st)
rnd 7: *sc 5, inc 1* repeat 4 times (28 st) 
rnd 8-13: sc in each st (28 st)

place eyes between rnds 9 & 10, cut and sew 2 felt circles for cheeks and embroider on mouth

rnd 14: *sc 2, dec 1* repeat 7 times (21 st)
rnd 15: sc in each st (21 st)
rnd 16: *sc 1, dec 1* repeat 7 times and stuff firmly (14 st)
rnd 17: dec 7 times in a row, at the end of the row, skip 1 st, dec 1, fasten off and weave in ends

The finished egg will measure about 2.5" tall, depending on the tightness of your crochet and yarn material.



These little eggs crochet up quickly and you can switch up the colors to fit any theme. You can even make them using brown yarn to make chocolate eggs. I did that and my brother told me they looked like little nuggets of poop. Whatever. They were still cute!

If you don't crochet but knows someone who does, I also offer this kit in my Etsy shop. It comes with all the  supplies you need you make two eggs along with a pattern booklet with step by step photos! You can also check out my other kits and patterns. Happy crocheting!


**Little Egg Pattern © 2013 Vanessa Chan. You are free to sell any finished items made from this pattern, but please credit me for the design. Please do not repost or reprint this pattern without my permission.** 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you and hope you enjoy the pattern!

  2. these eggs are just too stinkin' cute -- thank you for sharing!

  3. these eggs are just too stinkin' cute -- thank you for sharing!