Aug 3, 2010

Things I shall own one day


So in practicing my prop modeling skills, I've decided the theme will be things that I wish to have in my future home. And the first item is a couch. But not just any couch, an olive green corduroy couch that's not too soft, but not too hard with some detailing along the armrests and the bottom and the back has to be just the right height so when you sit and lean back, your neck is at a comfortable angle, perfect for watching the latest in reality television. Perhaps I should start saving for this custom couch since my specifications ensure that I will never find it in any showroom.



Some progress photos, I started out by making the base with some foam core and then I applied foam sheets on with some rubber cement and shaped it. I then sewed the cover for the back rest and the armrests, did some embroidery on them and attached all the pieces together. The couch cushions were made out of foam with some polyester filling so they would look more squishy. The dimensions are 12"W 7.5"H 6"D.



I need a super laser that can blow this couch up to human size. I would also use this laser to make graham crackers big enough for those giant marshmallows they sell now at the supermarket. You could also use it make any cute clothes you find in the girl's department larger because for whatever reason they don't come in women's sizes even though they should. The possibilities are endless!